Our business model:

*The aim of JCM Medical LLC is to keep the early stage development costs for your new device as low as possible by focusing on the real goal proving out a new product concept.

*We can provide the most cost effective path to prove out your new concept:

Our team will provide you with early conceptual designs that are prototyped, tested on the bench or in the animal lab, and evaluated by your physicians.

Our conceptual designs will quickly lead to the finished pre clinical design and satisfy the requirements of your design specification. Verification activities will be conducted and recorded at all stages and levels of device design.

We are medical device designers and product development specialists, not high volume manufactures. We defer the manufacturing of your new device to qualified manufacturing vendors.

This allows you to defer all aspects of these costs to the future, when the product is well on its way to production, thus keeping the early stage development expenses as low as possible.

John Meade

* Our purpose is to remain single focused on device designing. This is what we do best.

Our team has extensive experience in designing for manufacture (DFM). We will transfer your pre clinical design to your manufacturing partner who will seamlessly incorporate it into their manufacturing system.

Your qualified manufacturing partner will provide clinical use devices and pilot production runs, as needed, to provide process and product validations.

JCM Medical will continue to provide design support, throughout this process.

With more than 25 years experience in the medical and surgical device industry, John Meade provides designs for reusable, disposable and implantable medical and surgical devices.