• Concept generation / Brainstorming
  • Assist in developing your product specification.
  • As required, I will bring in industrial design, QA/RA consultants or other needed team specialists.
  • Design and build assembly tooling and fixtures for your products.
  • We use Solid Works 3D modeling software, which allows us to communicate concept images and drawings, with our clients and vendors, at any time.


  • Prototyping / model making, in our well equipped in house, CNC model shop. This allows quick turn around for models / prototypes and accelerates the product development process.
    CNC Machines

  • Design devices that utilize Nitinol, we fabricate the shape setting tools for your NiTi prototypes in our model shop.
  • We can weld your tiny Endoscopic Instruments with our Rofin Starweld, laser welder.

  • Design and build hard tools and dies used to develop your prototypes.

  • When we design plastic parts, we choose between several plastic injection molders, depending on part design requirements, which molder would be best suited for the job. Some of our molders can turn around quality parts in several weeks.
  • We also use rapid prototyping technologies to reduce product development times.

Quality & Regulatory

We can introduce to you QA/RA consultants who can be used on an as needed basis too:

  • Develop your quality systems to meet specific company needs and business objectives.
  • Provide regulatory submission support.
  • Provide documentation packages: Design history files and Device master records.